Peninsula Soccer League

League Rules

PSL games are played under the IFAB Laws of the Game, with unlimited substitutions by either team at any stoppage with the permission of the Referee.

Pregame Procedures

Before going to the field, consult the PSL website Home Page for the names of any players who are serving suspensions for a previous send-off.

Referees and Assistant Referees should be at the field no later than 45 minutes prior to game time, unless delayed by another PSL game assignment.

A field inspection and a pregame conference are required at every game, and should be completed by 20 minutes prior to game time. The Referee must provide each team with a Referee Evaluation Form (form also at Lists > Forms on Arbiter), indicating all match officials present and which AR is working each touch line.

PSL requires that team technical areas be on opposite sides of the field (unless field conditions dictate otherwise). The home team has the choice of touch lines. The home team is responsible for field setup (at most fields). If there are any problems relating to the field (goals, nets, corner flags, etc.), the home team is responsible for resolving them prior to kickoff.

Teams are responsible for being in uniform, with game roster completed, by 20 minutes prior to game time. If the teams fail to complete field setup or are not ready for check-in at this time, the Referee should note this fact on the game report when it is filed.

Each team should provide the Referee with a PSL Team Roster Form. (It is a good idea to have a couple of blank Team Roster Forms with you to give teams who do not have one or have an older version of the form.)

The roster may list all players registered on the team, but may have a maximum of 18 players listed for any specific game. The names of players not eligible to play in the game, including any suspended players, must be lined through. Changes in the roster are permitted up until kickoff. After kickoff, if a player shows up whose name has been lined through or is not listed on the roster, that player may not participate in the game.

Every player must have a CSAN player pass. Each player pass should have the division, team name and current season on the pass. Occasionally, a new player may have a one-game paper pass called a "Permit to Play", stamped by CSAN, to allow him to play until he gets the regular pass, in which case you should check him in with a photo ID, return the photo ID to the player, retain the paper pass and send it into the League with the Game Report and other game paperwork.

Some clubs may have more than one team playing in PSL (usually, but not always, in different divisions). Players from "sister" teams are not permitted to play on any related team, regardless of division. (Players can formally transfer between teams during the season. This is done by being officially released from one team and being officially registered with another team through CSAN. The player will receive a new CSAN player pass with the new team.)

When checking in a player, pay particular attention to ensuring that the player's face matches the picture on the pass, that his jersey number matches his number on the Team Roster, and the team name on the pass matches the team name on the Team Roster. Players must be in uniform, wearing shin guards and have all jewelry removed, to check in.

Players do not always wear the same number, and it has been known for players not on the team to try to sneak into a game. If in doubt, ask the player for his birth date. (It's on the pass.) If you establish that the player checking in is not the person on the pass, keep the player pass and send it to the League with a report. Report any questionable activity to the League.

Late-arriving players that are on the team roster must be checked in prior to entering the game. Each AR should carry the roster for the team on his/her touch line, and when a late-arriving player wishes to enter the match, the Referee should delay the restart until the AR has ensured that the player pass is correct, that the player's name and jersey number match the information on the team roster (correct the roster if necessary) and that the player is wearing shin guards and is not wearing any jewelry.

PSL follows the jewelry policy indicated in the IFAB Laws of the Game. Anything considered dangerous by the Referee may not be worn. There is no specific prohibition against braces, as long as the Referee considers them safe.

Kickoff should occur at the scheduled game time, provided that both teams have at least 7 players present. If either team is unable to field a team of at least 7 players by 20 minutes after the scheduled game start time, the referees should abandon the match and the Referee must report this to the League on the Game Report Form. The League will determine whether the game will be replayed or declared a forfeit.

In the case of rain, unless the Referee Assignor has notified the referees that the game has been canceled, the game should be assumed to be on. Referees must report to the field and note whether either team has a sufficient number players (at least 7) for the game. Referees are paid in full for games that are canceled without proper prior notification from the Referee Assignor.

Postgame Procedures

Following the conclusion of the match, the Referee should keep both team rosters and any one-day Permit To Play forms. After verifying that the Referee has all the player information required to submit a complete Game Report (i.e., player names and registration numbers), all player passes, even the passes of any sent-off players, should be returned to the appropriate teams.

The game Referee is responsible for submitting a report on the game by filling out the PSL Game Report Form (also at Lists > Forms in Arbiter). (If no cautions or send-offs were issued, enter "No misconducts" in the Comments section.) Save the completed form (with data entered) as a PDF file, open the file to verify that the entered information has been saved in the PDF file, scan or photograph the team rosters and any Permits, and email the Game Report PDF file and the rosters/Permits as attachments to pslassignor@me.com.

If any player was sent off during the game, complete a separate PSL Send Off Report Form (one for each player) within 24 hours. Save each report to a new file, using the players name and date for the filename, and email the PDF file as an attachment to pslassignor@me.com.

Any referee issues, such as no-shows, late arrivals by referees, unusual field conditions, referee performance issues, excessive misbehavior by players or spectators, etc., should be reported to the Referee Assignor within 24 hours following the conclusion of the match. Remember, in order to provide PSL players with the quality officiating they deserve, we must police ourselves.